A delegation of American businessmen of South Korean origin led by Mrs. KJ Lee was received in audience, Friday, November 17, 2017, by the Head of State, Joseph Kabila at the Palais de la Nation. The discussions revolved around a vast project of electrification and social infrastructure in rural areas. However, no figures from this project were
revealed to the press.

According to Mrs KJ Lee quoted by the ACP, it was mentioned for the delegation that she conducted to present to the President of the Republic the project of electrification of rural areas, construction of social housing, production of low-cost drinking water and asphalting of some 20 thousand Km of modern roads, connecting the different provinces, as well as certification of minerals.

She said Joseph Kabila has pledged his full support for this vast project. Because, with the technology to be used, it will no longer be a question of constructing electric transmission lines, since there will be rather autonomous power stations that will allow direct access to the different dwellings in rural areas.

Source:- zoom-eco.net