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Financial and economic volatility in the recent past has challenged mammoth institutions heavily in order to ensure better service while simultaneously reducing costs of the finance function. At GT-finance we provide superior financial consulting services that would clearly help drive much greater effectiveness and efficiency all over the finance function, applying the best and the most unique practices.

  • Project Financing: Project Financing can come in the form of an equity structure or debt which heavily relies upon the cash-flow of the project. It can be with project rights, assets with interests help as a secondary level of security or collateral. The kind of risk associated with a fairly complex energy, large or an infrastructure project may at times be too much but proper project financing ensures that the risk is spread across all the participants in the project. At GT Finance, we make sure that your resources are optimized and ever so efficiently.

  • Venture Capital: Often defined as the kind of financing that investors generally provide for every kind of start-up companies and small businesses, these are believed to have a continuous pattern long term potential for growth. The investor’s risk is very high and also the venture capitalists have a proper say in all of the company’s decisions.At GT-Finance we make sure that the financial backing is provided for along with valuable guidance in order to start a business.

  • Angel Financing: Often referred to the retired entrepreneurs who might be interested in investing to mentor a particular business arena or to mentor another whole generation of entrepreneurs and utilizing their networks and experiences on less than a complete full-time basis. A business angel or BA is completely free to make independent investment decisions. Making decisions in the key areas like human resource and finance management is very important for business growth. GT-Finance also assists you in critical zones including tax, legal and personnel matters.

  • Institutional Financing: Simply put Institutional finance refers to all kind of finance that has been raised from distinguished financial institutions very different from commercial banks. This institutions for ages act like an intermediary body in between the investors and the savers. At GT-Finance it provides complete access to our knowledge and contacts. We also provide for better quality discipline decidedly required for outside scrutiny. We also provide access to BA monitoring plus superior management skills.

  • Infrastructure Development: The very basic physical systems for a nation or a business, communication, sewage, transportation, electric and water systems all fall under the general category of infrastructure. These developments usually involve a lot of investments and are extremely vital in terms of a country’s economic prosperity.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions: A merger is a kind of transaction that involves transfer of ownership. These create gigantic expectations for customers, shareholders and employees. These also help in creating and maximizing value and proper understanding of effective integration.

  • Strategic Partnerships: An association in between two commercial entities formulated on the basis of a business contract/s. Generally such kind of an alliance is observed when each of the partners possesses certain extra qualities to enhance their business. These have a positive effect in the long run as each of them makes the other stronger.

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